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Hello there my fellow thrifters!

Now, I don’t like to call thrifting an “obsession,” it’s more of as awesome deals, cute finds, and life fulfilling hobby. #iykyk

weird flex but ok

So i’m assuming that you’re here for one reason and one reason only. To make cash by doing something you absolutely love. Of course i’m not the queen of thrifting (hahaha), even you whom is reading this could be better at thrifting than me, but I’m here to show you how simple it is to make profit off of selling used clothes.

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Why sell thrifted clothes?

  1. If you’re already interested in thrifting, this gives you an excuse to go to your local Goodwill all the time. 😉
  2. Thrift stores sell high end items for way cheaper. If you can find an item in good condition, you could sell it for a little less than the original price, when you might have bought it for $5. (There will be a example later in this post)
  3. Lots of vintage pieces can be found in thrift stores, and some people will pay top dollar to buy these items from you.
  4. Lastly, if you are already interested in thrifting, it can be a calming job that could make you a full time income.


How I started thrifting

I first started thrifting for fun when I watched tons and tons and tons of Youtube videos during the wee hours of the night.

night owl

The first time I went thrifting, I was expecting to find vintage tees, sweatshirts, and Levi’s with ease. To my dismay I found none of those items my first time in the thrift store, but that is nothing to be discouraged about. Later I realized there were no sweaters because it was Winter, and nobody was donating them at that time. This is one of the many factors you will have to consider when going to shop for your inventory. Soon I started noticing myself putting back high end items just because they didn’t fit me, but I then realized that other people could fit into these items and might have an interest in buying them from me. I went back to doing my Youtube research of course, and found multiple people who made it a side hustle.

This made me really determined!

Anyways, lets get into the steps to show how you can make some cash through a fun hobby


Step 1: Account Set Up

The first step is to set up an account where you can your thrifted sell items. The main two I use are Poshmark and Ebay, but for this post I will be showing you guys how I used Ebay, which I think is better in the long run because you can sell many other items than clothes. Most of you probably have an Ebay account already, most likely from past purchases, selling random knick-nacks, or to look at random items. Now is the time to put it to good use!

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Step 2: Go Thrifting

This in my opinion is the best step. You get to go to your local thrift store and look through tons of items. If you’re not a fan of looking through racks of clothes, then you might not be as enthusiastic as others. Here are some tips to finding the best items in the thrift store…


  • Take a look in every section of the thrift store. Mens, women, and kids. I would suggest starting off by selling clothing, as it is easier to package and to determine the price, but if you want to take a leap and try items such as toys and books, I believe in you!
  • Find the price of the original item. For example…. I found the dress shown on the right in Goodwill. Upon looking at the tag I found out that this was the exact dress from Lulus (shown on the left). This dress is being sold on the Lulus website for $52. In Goodwill, I bought the thrifted dress for $5. CRAZY! This was a good purchase because I could sell it for more than five dollars, and since it is a popular brand, people would want it since I was selling the dress for less than $52.


  • Search the items on Ebay to see the lowest selling price. This is helpful because if the item is only being sold for $2, but you are going to buy it for $4, then it might not be the best choice to buy that item.
  • Keep track of the prices of every item you bought, so that you can calculate the amount of revenue you have made later on after your items have sold.


Step 3: Create your listings

Now it is time to post your items for sale on Ebay. Go to the top of the website and press the button that says “sell.” From there, Ebay will ask you to describe your item, so that they can try and find a listing of the item you are selling. This is helpful, because all of the information for your item will already be pulled up and all you have to do is insert are the pictures. If they are unable to find a listing of your item, the process to enter all the information is quite simple. Now here are some tips on how you should set up your listings.


  • Always do an auction! You might think your item is only worth $7, but you might get bids up to $20. If you don’t set it as an auction you could be decreasing your revenue.
  • Remember when you needed to research the lowest listing price on Ebay of your item. Well since you were supposed to see if the lowest price was higher than what you bought your thrifted item for, try to start your auction at or below that price.
  • Take awesome pictures! If you can be your own model, that would be a big plus. If not, just try to use great natural light and have a plain background. If there are any defects on your item, no matter how minuscule, make sure to include them. This shows that you are trustworthy and customers are more likely to buy your item.


Step 4: Spread the Word

If you don’t have a social media following, then you might need to skip this step. You can use instagram, twitter, facebook, or even pinterest. Show people that you are selling high quality items, and build their trust in you. If you don’t have a huge following, this might not make a big difference in your chance of selling, but it is always worth a try.


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Step 5: SOLD!

Once your items have sold


It is time to print your packing labels, pack your items, and ship them to your customers. You should create a spread sheet including the price you bought the item for, the original price of the item, and lastly the price you sold your items for. If you don’t really care about keeping track (but you should), you can just revel in your success. As you start selling more items, you can continuously check back and see if you are making profit or not. Overtime you will see how useful the spreadsheet is. If you are not sure how to create a Google spreadsheet, here is a link to a youtube video that can help you figure it out.


Get Started

Now that you have an idea about how to start your thrift flip business, it is time for you to….

get out there and shine!

My biggest tip would have to be,  don’t give up even if you make no sales your first week (even though you should if you find some unique pieces at the thrift store). There is always someone out there that would be willing to buy your item, you just have to be patient. You got this!

Now go and THRIFT!

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