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Hello friends! Today I have another Glossier review for you guys. For those of you who don’t know, Glossier is all about the makeup no makeup look. They want you to love your imperfections, and all of their products are used to “enhance” your beauty. None of their makeup is full coverage, and if you have terrible acne, a lot of their products might not be for you. Now I will admit, I do not wear makeup…. EVER! I have never put on foundation, worn eye shadow, or etc. I might have put some mascara on for a play when I was 12, but I got it all over my nose. I’m such a great makeup artist… 😉

Anyways, today I am here to review their eyebrow product, Boy Brow, and one of their lip products, I feel that these two products can work for anyone, but it’s only great if you like what it does for your complexion. I’ve seen some complaints about how “it doesn’t fill in my brows” or “their products don’t cover up anything.” While this might be true for some people, this doesn’t mean their products won’t work for you. I think if you want to try a product, you should definitely go for it. Their return policy is AMAZING! You can email them up until 30 days, after you have received your package. They will refund whatever you wold like to return. Awesome right?

Some of their products are slightly on the pricier side, but I have to say, it is worth it for all the effort they put in. The customer service, to their packaging, and to their products are wonderful and well thought out. You just have to find the products that you think work for you. You can also use my link to get 10% off your first order. What a deal?!! 🙂

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Boy Brow

This products comes in four different shades; black, brown, blonde, and clear and it is priced at $16. Save 10% and get this item for $14.40, when you use my link. Since, my eyebrows are mostly filled, I decided to go with the clear. Upon looking at the clear formula, it looked white. I was worried about this, and I didn’t realize until later that in the description box they said, “Clear shows up white upon application, but becomes transparent as you comb it in (just like hair pomade would).” The only thing that I would have to warn you about, it that the tip of the applicator leaves slightly bigger “globs” of product, which you have to make sure to spread out. If you evenly apply it, it does dry clear. This isn’t a big issue, but if you don’t want the worry of it being white, then maybe go for a color.



I’m going to be honest, when I received this in the mail, I was shocked. It was wayyyyyyyyy smaller than I assumed it would be. I checked the website and it does say 0.11 oz, so I guess I didn’t realize actually how little of an amount it was. I do like miniature items, but I just didn’t think that this would be so small for the price. That is one downside, but it shouldn’t waver my thoughts on the actual product.

Here are my overall product thoughts….

To be honest, I have mixed feelings about this products. Now I’m not saying that this product won’t work for you, but it just wasn’t my favorite. There wasn’t anything that I really hated about it, I just felt as if the difference was way to slight to be anything noticeable. My reasoning for this, is that I believe that maybe my eyebrows are just naturally filled in to the point that the product doesn’t have anything to really change.

On the plus side, it does wonders for keeping my brows from moving! My eyebrow hairs are weirdly long, so some of them start around 3/4 from the end and then they reach all the way to the hairs at the end. Because of this, they whirl, stand up, and twist, so they are basically having a party up there. To fix this, I apply the Boy Brow through my entire brow, then I apply a little extra product at the end, and finally I use my fingers and I pinch all of the long end hairs together. This is so that they will stay still all day, and I won’t have to brush them down. So even though Boy Brow doesn’t fill in my brows more than usual, they do hold them down without making them crunchy or hard.

So is it dope or is it a dupe?


Even though I was a little upset that I didn’t see a change in my brows, I find that it is because I didn’t really need to fill them in. But the gel formula is amazing for keep my brows from being crazy and all over the place. If you have thinner brows, I definitely think that they product will do what it is intended to do, along with keeping your brows in place. I highly recommend this product, but if you have nice eyebrows that stay in place, then I would look for a something else.



This lip product comes in 6 different flavors; Birthday, Rose, Cherry, Mint, Coconut, and Original. I got mine in the flavor Rose, which is a light pinkish color. There is some pigment, but it is really close to the color of my lips, so it isn’t that noticeable. It also smells great, and I bet the other flavors will also have amazing smells. It is $12 if you buy one, or you can get a pack of three for $30, and save $6. Remember, you can use my 10% OFF code to save on your first purchase. Since there is only so much you can say about a lip balm, I decided to make a pros and cons list, so here it is….


  • The product is very thick, which might not be great for others, but I love it because it stays on for hours! I only have to apply this 2-3 times a day and it keeps my lips from being chapped. Some might not like how thick it is, but it is all about preference.
  • The packaging is definitely a 10/10 because it is so aesthetically pleasing. All of the balms have a different packaging on the outside, which is really nice if you decide to buy a bunch of different flavors.
  • I don’t know if it is the same with the other flavors, but the Rose one had a slight tint. It is a light pink, which doesn’t show up much to change the color of my lips, but I do feel like it made them more of their natural color which I really like. (If that makes sense, LOL.)



  • This isn’t a huge issue, but it is a little bit hard to squeeze the product out of the tube. This is slightly ok, just because not a lot of product will be wasted by squeezing to hard, but I just find that it is a little bit on the tougher side.
  • Even though I do think the packaging is cute, I wish that it was in a form where the tube could be applied to your lips, instead of having to use your finger to apply the product. Even though this is made as a universal balm and you can wipe it on to your elbow or any other dry patch, I still wish it was a little more easier to use as a lip balm.

So is it dope or is it a dupe?


Even though I do love this product, and I will continue to use it, I feel that you can find one of the same quality for cheaper. If you want the packaging, the Glossier name, and the different flavors, then I think you should go for it. I will most likely continue to buy this product, but if you’re just looking for a simple lip balm, then maybe try something else for the time being.


I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and that you might have found a new product to try. Remember, that if I don’t like it or I don’t think it is the best, doesn’t mean that you won’t love it. You can always give it a try, and if you don’t like it, return it. Also, if you want more of a deal, use my 10% OFF to save even more money. I hope you are having a fantastic day. Until the next post….



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