Glossier Milk Jelly Cleanser ~ Dope or Dupe

Hi guys! Today I’m reviewing one of Glossier’s most popular products, the Milk Jelly Cleanser. Glossier is this really cute brand that makes super light makeup and you probably see their ads everywhere. As I am not much of a makeup wearer, I still wanted to try their products, so I chose something from their skin care line. I’m going to be honest, the only reason I ordered it was because it is super aesthetic. I saw it on every social media platform, from YouTube to Instagram. Of course, it drew me in and I bought something. So why not make it into a post while I am at it.

Please note that due to different sensitivities, tones, and skin in general, your results may vary from mine. If you end up purchasing expecting it to be exactly as my experience, you might be disappointed. Even if the product does what it is intended to do, you might not get the same feel. I hope this post can help you make your decision on whether or not this product is worth the hype and money. Is is a dope or a dupe? Find out!

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First Use

To be honest, I didn’t expect much of this product after the first time. I have pretty sensitive skin and I thought maybe my skin would turn red. Because of this, I bought the mini version, so that I wouldn’t waste as much money and product. After the first use there are some things I noticed…

  • Soft skin

I never expected soft skin after one use. When I use regular soap to wash my face, I never get this kind of result, so it was surprising to say the least. Even the small bumps under my skin felt smooth instead of rough. If this product was only mean’t to make soft skin, I would still buy it for that purpose. But it does more!

  • Glowing tint to my skin

This I did also not expect. There was no way this could be possible. I probably stared at the mirror for about 5 minutes trying to figure out if the lighting in my bathroom was weird that one time. But nope…. The glow was from that one time use. I am amazed!

  • Suddenly refreshed

Usually, if I wash my face in general, I will feel clean. But this was different. The product is very cooling and I feel like I’m suddenly awake and ready to go. My skin suddenly felt very clean, which I haven’t experienced with other items. From other skin care products to cleansing brushes, I have never gotten this type of result.

Second Use

Obviously, my skin tone isn’t going to suddenly even out, but so far I am seeing awesome results. I will say, a few bumps did pop up on my forehead, but they were just under the skin. This I expected because my skin usually has to get used to a new product, but there was no itchiness, redness, or pain, so it doesn’t falter my perspective at all. After my second time use I noticed the same results as my first use, but also….

  • Slightly more even skin tone 

I thought this would take a week or it would never happen. It’s a slight difference, so it’s not like my skin tone was suddenly even, but you can definitely see how it has changed. On my face, you can see small veins when in the light, but they aren’t very prominent. This made them seem more blended into my skin. (If that makes sense. LOL)

  • Natural highlight

The natural glow, which is hard to see on a regular basis actually popped out. Even when my face is clean and doesn’t have any bumps under the skin, I still can’t see my natural glow. But after two uses of the Milk Jelly Cleanser, it created this amazing dewy effect. It’s amazing!


!!! DOPE !!!

Overall, this purchase was definitely worth it, and I believe I will get even better results after a longer use. Though, if you have tons of acne, then I don’t recommend. It is a very light cleanser, and if you are trying to remove tons of pimples then you may need something stronger. Also, this cleanser does not lather, which I do like, since I don’t have to worry about the foam going into my eyes. I will definitely be buying again.



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I hope you enjoyed this post! If you don’t have any Glossier products or if you have some, this is definitely one to try out. If you are worried about your skin sensitivity and don’t want to spend money on product that might not work out, then go for the mini version. It’s only $9 plus 10% off any purchase when you use my link ->10% Discount

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