Hi everyone! Since December is only getting started, I have decided to provide you guys with some Elf On The Shelf Ideas. My parents never used the Elf, but I think it is such an adorable idea. I then realized that thinking of all those different ways to place him each and every day would be tough work. So to make this easier on you, I have found 23 adorable and simple ideas. If you know anyone else struggling to amp up their decoration tactics, make sure to share this post with them.

(Note: All picture credit goes to the original owners. A lot of them did not have them, but none of these are my pictures. Also this post may contain affiliate links. Meaning I will gain a small commission when you order through my link. This is at no extra expense to you.)


1. Bow Wall Climbing


2. Popped Out


3. Washing Machine Roller Coaster



4. Character Fight


5. Selfie Time


6. Can Chorus


7. Grated Snowman


8. Olaf Yellow Snow


9. Free Reindeer Poop


sock panda signup


10. Toilet Paper Hiding


11. Snacker Elf


12. Stuck!


13. Elf Kisses



14. My little workers


15. M&M Plants


Romwe Generic Fall & Winter


16. Nasty Dog Cookies


17. Slept too Late


18. Tic Tac Marshmellow


19. Underwear Fan



20. Goodbye My Elf


21. Gone Fishing


22. Syrup Date


23. Gotcha Grinch



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Thank you for reading my post, and I hope it gave you tons of ideas. Have fun surprising your kids. Until the next post…