Airpods ~ Dope or Dupe

Hello there! If you are even the slightest of an Apple user, you know that Apple has said good riddance to the head phone jack in their recent Iphones. Now we can’t listen to music and charge our phone at the same time.

Tragic, I know.

Of course, Apple was prepared and released wireless headphones, Airpods. Also obvious, it is being sold at a steep price.

So you’re probably on the edge of deciding if it’s worth it or not, so I hope I can help you make your decision. Today I am here to give you my opinion on Airpods. Are they dope or are they a dupe?


  • Super Convenient, you are able to walk and do work around your house while your phone is in another room. You don’t have to worry about the tangled cords, or accidentally grabbing the cord and pulling them out of your ears.
  • You can hide them them behind your hair to listen to music without people noticing.
  • Quickly change music by double tapping either airpod. You can also change the settings to get Siri and many other different customizations, that you can pick in settings.


  • It is very easy to drop them, and it creates dents and scratches.
  • Easy to lose since they are very small, and they aren’t connected to the usual strings. Maybe it is a little bit easier for some people, but you can easily misplace them.
  • Expensive! This is a no brainier since this is what I wrote this post about. They are $159, not including tax.
  • Scare every time you accidentally drop them. This is from personal experience, because I always worry that it will ruin them, and it is very expensive to either buy a new pair or to replace one.



I love my Airpods. I can walk around my house while I leave my phone in my room, and still be able to listen to music. If you prefer a option that is not as easy to lose, definitely just go with the string headphones that are provided when you purchase your phone. If you are really interested in a nice wireless headphone, but Airpods aren’t for you, I definitely recommend Beats. In my opinion, I think it is worth it, if you are looking for a high quality wireless headphone.

Verdict: DOPE

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. If you know anyone who is still trying to decide if Airpods are worth it, then make sure to share this post with them, and hopefully it is helpful. Have a great day!




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