We Are All Flawsome! ~ Challenge/Award

Hi everybody! I was nominated for the Flawsome reward. This awesome reward is to challenge bloggers to turn their flaws into weaknesses. Great right! I was nominated for this award by Nadia at Sea of Venus, so go check her out. This wonderful challenge was created by Sophia Ismaa, and some of her best advice is “our flaws make us #flawsome.”


  • Write about 3 of your flaws or weaknesses
  • Turn it into a positive strength
  • Nominate 10 other bloggers
  • Let them know on Twitter

Flaw #1

I am judgmental. I can’t meet someone new without thinking something is off about them. I notice things such as being too nice, breathing too loud, interrupting all the time, and etc..

Positive Strength

I am able to realize who are my true friends and debate if I want to be around someone’s personality. If I am able to detect a toxic personality at the beginning, then I can keep from being friends with someone in the first place.


Flaw #2

I become frustrated when I can’t get things to go my way. Everything must be perfect, or I will be upset since it didn’t work out. If I planned to leave or get to a place at a certain time then that’s what needs to happen.

Positive Strength

I go after what I want to accomplish and I work hard to finish things, especially if it is something I have to do for someone else. I am very organized and plan things down to the T.


Flaw #3

I am not super social. I don’t talk to many people, or hang out in huge groups. I prefer to spend time with a couple friends at someone’s house.

Positive Strength

I keep a close circle of friends, that I know I trust. I keep away from trouble at parties and other people who are not good influences. I am able to create friends that will last a long time and not fade away.


Morgan Prince at morganprince.com

Tina Bailey at mothergeek.co.uk

Crystal Clear at crystalwhitegold.blogspot.com

Chloe Nicole at chloenicoleblogs.wordpress.com

Gemma at yorkshiremumof4.com

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Louise Grace at loudoestravel.com

ALJ at mylifelines.co

Ruth at ruthinrevolt.com

Pamela at helpmommasparkle.com

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and you should know that you are #FLAWSOME! Never stop being you! Until the next post…





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