Hello my fellow money makers or wannabe money makers. I know the struggle of trying to earn money and desperately failing. It happens to all of us. But look no further, I have come to solve all your problems. With these few apps, you could be making money and also saving it, from products you already buy. If you haven’t heard of cash back already, then I don’t know what you are doing with your life! You SAVE money, buy just buying your normal everyday purchases. What could be better?

Crazy to think its that’s simple? I didn’t think it could be either.

Now I’m not saying that you don’t have to put in a little effort, but each task is so simple that it seems like nothing. With some of these apps, you’re essentially getting FREE money! So i’m here to share some of my favorite apps that hopefully will help you reel in those big bucks. Good Luck!

(Note: This post contains affiliate links, meaning I will gain a small commission when you purchase through my link. This is at no expense to you.)

1. Ebates

With this app, you basically get FREE money, whenever you purchase something. You might be thinking, “that’s contradicting, because it can’t be free if you have to buy something.” But on the contrary my friend, they are paying you, for all the usual purchases you make. That never happens! For example, imagine you are making a purchase from Amazon for a bunch of gifts. Maybe you spend around $80-$100, and the app is providing you with 5% cash back from Amazon. While it might not seem a lot, as you spend on your normal daily purchases, you can save money, and the app does all the work for you. You can get cash back from ordering online or you can link up your credit/debit card so that you can get cash back in-store. Just imagine how much you could save on a trip to the mall!

There are so many companies and stores to choose from, where you wouldn’t usually save any money. Maybe it’s time for you to stock up on your makeup from Sephora, BOOM 4% cash back! Cash back is basically like a coupon, but it’s your little secret. There is no need to type in a coupon code, or scan a barcode. It just saves you money instantly, like magic…..


2. Shopular

This app is powered by Ebates, but there is an awesome twist. This is one of my all time favorite money saving apps. Its almost as addicting as Pinterest. Basically, there are a bunch of brands and store coupons available to you. It’s honestly the best way to keep all your deals and coupons in one place, instead of checking multiple websites to view their sales. The also offer CASHBACK! Yes. You heard me.

!!!!! C – A – S – H – B- A – C – K !!!!!

Which means you get a percentage of your money back when you buy through their app. Amazing right! Their cashback program is supported by Ebates, so you will have to sign up through there. You get to personalize your account, buy selecting the stores that you are interested in. The app shows you awesome coupons and they update the deals every day. With all the deals and on top of that CASHBACK, you are saving so much money Can I get a HOLLAH?!?!?! If you are living without this app, download it right now. You could be missing out on saving tons of money without even knowing. We wouldn’t want that, would we?


3. Shopkick

I basically buy all my Starbucks through this app. AT NO COST! That’s right, free Starbucks and so many other rewards including Amazon, American Eagle, Nike, Sephora, and more! Unlike some of the other apps where you have to purchase your everyday stuff, you can get money FOR FREE! You might be thinking, that’s insane, there has to be some catch, like a survey. Nothing sketchy at all. All you have to do is… scan.

Yep that’s it.

On any typical trip to the grocery store check with the app to see which products it would like you to scan at that time. It could range from a magazine to vitamins to wine. Then BOOM, points. Which you can redeem for a gift of your choice. You also receive points for just walking into the store! Also if  you end up buying any of the items they recommend you can scan your receipt to earn even more points. As a added bonus, you can connect you card so that you can receive points every time you buy something. CHA-CHING! Download it now so you don’t miss this opportunity, because I couldn’t live without it.


4. Dote

This is a saving and a shopping app all in one. You are able to find all your favorite brands in one place. Whenever you favorite an item, it will set up a notification to alert you whenever the price of that item goes down. Convenient right! It also allows you to gain coins (app currency) in order to “purchase” coupons. Such as $8 off your purchase. They also will give you free coupons. At the moment, I have Tilly’s coupon for $5 off siting in my account.

I’ll take any free money I can get!

This app keeps all of your favorite brands in one place, so it is way easier to have one account for all of these brands, than 20 accounts for every store you like. Or maybe its just me, because I forget my passwords. (LOL) Anyways, this app will forever be one of my necessities, and I highly recommend it.


5. Receipt Hog

If you are skeptical about hooking up your credit cards to an app, then this app is for you! Take ANY receipt, and I mean ANY. From Petsmart, Target, Forever 21, Publix, Kroger, and etc., just take that receipt and scan it. Then the app processes your receipt;. It says that it takes from 0-7 days to progress, but with my experience, I have only waited up to 24 hrs.


6. SweatCoin

I’m going to go ahead and admit that this app isn’t the easiest to earn money UNLESS you are super active. If you constantly run or walk everyday, this is definitely the app for you. You gain “currency” for the steps you take and you can cash them out for tons of different rewards. They add new items and discounts daily, so it always gives you tons of different choices. Don’t worry, you can also cash out your points for money through PayPal!

Truth be told, I don’t walk everyday. But I keep this on my phone so it will track my steps anyway. About once a week I will check the app to see I have gained a fair amount of points, and eventually the amount builds up. This app doesn’t take any maintenance, all you have to do it download  it, and it does the work for you, besides the walking part. (LOL)


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I hope this post was helpful in any way, and thank you for reading. Let me know which of these apps worked well for you. Until the next post….