I decided to create this post because, when I was trying to grow my Pinterest, I came across the same old things. Stuff like “create an engaging audience” or “connect with your followers.” Even though these tips are true, most posts  would always explain how this helps boost your views rather than how to do it. Which is frustrating, because I would spend an hour looking for helpful information, and end up with none. So i’m here to show you how to grow your Pinterest viewing with just THREE simple steps. That’s right. You heard me correctly.


(Note: This post contains affiliate links meaning I will gain commission if you purchase through my link. This is at not extra expense to you.)


As you can see from the graph above, my Pinterest views started moving steadily up on October 9th. It took four DAYS, from October 5th to start my major boost. This happened as soon as I followed through with all three of the steps listed farther in this post. Hopefully as I continue, my viewing will keep growing quickly.



In less than a month, my viewing showed a major boost. I went from less than 5,000 viewers monthly to over 48 thousand. I hope that the tips listed below will help you receive a huge advance in your viewing.

Lets get into it and I hope I can help!

Step 1: De-clutter

Before I started my blog, I basically pinned whatever. I had 15 followers, but once I realized that I wanted to formulate a business like platform, I boosted 60 followers the next day. Crazy right! All you have to do is get rid of those random boards and choose pins you believe people want to follow. Never get rid of your values though, because if you can’t pin about things you like, then what’s the point? Some of my main boards include self confidence, blogging tips, and dream closet. These are where I get most of my re-pins from, so I focus on those boards a lot.  Make sure to pin other content more than your own, and try to maintain a 2:5 ratio to keep a balance. The more you pin, the higher of a chance you have, to get people to view your profile.


Step 2: Follow Others With The Same Interests

So I decided to get this one out the way because it does sound like a basic tip, and I didn’t want to contradict my self. As a blogger this point is key, because a lot of bloggers will follow you back. The blogging community is strong and they understand how much work and effort you put in to being successful. If you aren’t a blogger, find a group of supportive people that will help you grow.

To help you move along in this step, follow MY PINTEREST and I will definitely follow you back.

Also as an extra included note, group boards have not worked for me, and I doubt they ever will. Maybe I don’t prioritize them correctly, but they seem to gain less traffic than the pins that are in my personal boards. If you want to give them a try, I hope it works out for you.


Step 3: Pin Like CRAZY

I know if you’re researching Pinterest growth, you’ve definitely heard about Tailwind. I highly recommend it because it allows you to schedule pins for weeks. You even get most of their aspects with a free account. But before you go and plan your pins make sure you spend some time pinning straight from the app/website. Pin content that you believe your viewers and followers want to see. When I started, I aimed to pin at least 50 pins a day. You might be thinking, HOLY GUACAMOLE THAT’S A LOT. You might be right, but you only have to do this for about five days to get a good amount of traffic going. Honestly, scrolling through Pinterest in addicting.


In less than an hour, I bet you will pin more than fifty a day just by doing your daily scroll through. Make sure to include some of your own pins to help promote your business.

I hope this post is helpful and that it leads you to success. If you follow these steps let me know in the comments if you were successful. Until the next post…