Hi guys! Since it’s the last month of fall, I thought I would include some super cute items, Etsy edition. I had to refrain myself from buying all these sellers out because their items are just so cute. I wish Fall could last one or two more months so that I can use these longer, but I can’t always save them for next year. 🙂


Leaf Me Alone Button

Just give me a minute to pin these on all my clothing…. Even with its slightly angry expression, you just want to pinch this leaf’s cute face. This adorable button is basically my essence and soul. It tells people to go away while maintaining a cute composure. What more could you want?


Pumpkin Sticker Set

Look at these little munchkin faces! How adorable! I used these for my scrapbook and I just stuck some around my house. Some may have ended up on my face. You know…. like a normal person.


Thanksgiving Earrings

If you want something unique, this is a great piece. Also if you like jokes, when someone asks where the pie is at dinner, point to your ear.

Hahahahahahah. I’m so funny……

This pair of earrings is too adorable to pass up.


Fall Magnet Pack

These magnets will definitely be used year round in my house. If you attach a lot of pictures to your fridge, these are perfect for that use. I can’t decide which one is my favorite. I see the coffee and in my mind I say “that’s my favorite.” BUT then out of the corner of my eye I see the other cute faces and I’m back where I started. Undecided.


Jack O’ Lantern Earrings

Just because Halloween is over, you can still rock these adorable pumpkin earrings. I love when you can represent your personality through wearing something you know, nobody else owns. This is definitely a piece to show how unique you are.


Pomkin Spice Latte Print

I do love a good play on words. But you get the play on words AND a dog. Dream accomplished.

Drop the mic.

This print is absolutely adorable! I can’t wait to print  out multiple of these and just leave them in places for my friends.


Fall Sticker Pack

These stickers are super cute and some of them even have funny faces. I LOVE THESE! I cannot pick out my favorite between these either. It’s between the pie, coffee, and every other sticker of the page. Let me know in the comments which one is your favorite.


Morning Pumpkin Mug

A morning pumpkin mug to drink your pumpkin spice latte in. This mug’s bright orange color is sure to bring a smile to your face in those early mornings. It wakes you up with it’s adorable message… and the drink it holds in it.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Comment down below which product was your favorite and buy these items before the sellers sell out. Have a great day!