You’re probably reading this post with a dream that your blog will take off, but your mind is saying that isn’t not possible. You need to go after your dream of a blog and achieve everything your want. All it takes is some work and imagination. If you’re still in denial, here are a few reasons you should head to your computer and start typing right away. Turn your dream into reality. 😊

(Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I will receive a small commission if you purchase through my links. This is at no expense to you or anyone else.)

1. Easy to Set Up

You can no longer use “technical aspects” as an excuse. Setting up a blog is super easy. The main part is setting up your domain name. You should own the name of your blog/business. Even though we all love free things, but in this case, it isn’t the move. The ending of your blog will be “ugly,” meaning it will have the name of your website creator at the end of it.

Ex: “”

Choose a name that is close to your heart and make it yours. Here are some domain name sites to help you with your journey.

2. Easy To Design

You don’t need a $1000 website maker to make the blog of your dreams. WordPress is the way to go. They have so many themes and customization options in order for you to put your personality into your blog. Do you want a simple layout with a white background or every single color of the rainbow? Whatever your heart desires. Make sure you sign up for




On WordPress.ORG you have a lot more freedom to change your blog to your heart’s content.

3. Making money

Now, if this is your main reason for starting a blog, then you won’t love what you are doing. Which is a main part of the blogging experience. It has to be something you can’t wait to write posts for. Making money is just an extra perk to blogging. Some even make up to a full time income through monetizing their blog. There are many ways to accomplish this.

Sponsorships: These are where you partner with a brand to post about a that certain company. Their hope is to gain more sales/views and in return they will pay you. One of my favorite sponsorship sites is Linqia. Companies come to you, in order to request a sponsorship, after they view your profile and followers. Or you know, go on Instagram and send a direct message to a small business. This doesn’t always have great results, but if you have a high amount followers you have a better chance.

Affiliate Links: This is one of the top ways that bloggers earn their income. Companies give you links and banners to paste into your websites or on social media. Then when your views either click on the ad or buy something (depending on the company) you will receive a small commission. Some of my favorite affiliate accounts are…

There is a probability that you could get rejected from these sites, so I would sign up for as many as possible. Some affiliate accounts are for a certain company while others help you connect to multiple companies.

Ex: Etsy is a part of the Awin affiliate program. Meaning you would have to sign up with Awin to get to be a affiliate for them. On the other hand, Amazon Associates is for only Amazon. They have their own affiliate program meaning your can only promote items from their website.

Site Sales: Another way to make money, is through products that you create and sell on your website. It can be things such as printables, calendars, or maybe even a stuffed animal that is the mascot of your site. Anything your heart desires. Then when your viewers/subscribers purchase these items you will receive commission.

3. Interact with People That Have Common Interests

If you’re sharing your passion, you’re sure to meet other people who love the same things as you. Do you want to create a travel blog? You can meet other people who have traveling blogs through social media. It’s awesome to relate to someone who has the same passion as you. Go out and find your people. 😉

4. Own your Own Business

You might be sitting here, wondering what you want to do with your life. “Cubicle jobs” not your forte? You could be your own business manager. You create your own hours, even though a blog does take hard work. Once you get your blog off the ground, it’s great being your own boss. You get to change any aspect of your business whenever you want, and you don’t have to try to please anyone but yourself.

I hope this post has inspired you to create your blog and if you have already started it, I hope it inspires you to continue on your road to success. Have a great day! Until my next post….