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Welcome back friends! Today I am here to help give you some tips to stop procrastinating and get your work done. No matter if it’s laundry, cooking, paperwork, or homework. I’ve used these tips myself and I hope they can help you too. Now… I’m not perfect, because I did procrastinate writing this post. Not that I don’t love writing these for you guys, but because I wanted food.

What can I say? How could I write a post on an empty stomach? 🙂

Anyways, I started writing and my words just flowed. The same could happen for you as soon as you get into your work, no matter how boring. Now, if you’re reading this post to procrastinate something, I am both proud and shocked. So hopefully this post will encourage you to accomplish everything you have to do.

1. Give your phone to a family member

Hand your phone over to a parent, wife, husband, or any other responsible family member who won’t give it back. Even with your begging.  😉    Make sure you let them know a time limit, such as an hour, or to not give it back until all of your work is completed. There’s no going back. No begging, pleading, or crying. Time to jump into your work and without your phone/device, and you will see how much you can accomplish. If you have multiple devices, I suggest handing those over too. I’m not saying you have to move your t.v. into another room, but give them your computer, phone, or apple watches.

2. Put your Phone away from you

If you don’t live with any of your family members or if you’re too resistant to not being able to take your phone back whenever you want, this is your best option. Try putting your phone in another room, or another floor to keep away the urge of being on your phone. We all reach the point where we are too lazy to get up to go retrieve something that’s “too far away.”

3. Timers

If your phone being near you doesn’t play a huge part in your procrastination, timers will help you complete your work. This method is great for people with short attention spans or if the work you are doing is boring to the point where you fall asleep. Your timer schedule may look like something like this….

  • 20 minutes – Work
  • 5 minutes – Free Time
  • 20 minutes – Work
  • 5 minutes – Free Time

And so on, for as long as you need it. The timing is up to you, but always keep the free time less than the time you are working. You can either keep track of the time, or you can use set timers on your phone or computer to alert you when your work or free time is up. I find this method very useful, since you are able to have free time. It allows your brain to get prepared for the next amount of work time you have.

4. Rewarding

This tip is for those of you who want to help keep a friend or family member from procrastinating. Convince them to finish their work by offering a reward for all their hard work. Take your family member to dinner, to get icecream,  and etc.. There are many other ways to make them look forward to completing their work, and they will feel accomplished.

Thank you for reading this post. I hope it was truly helpful in your quest to end your procrastination. Now get to work!



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