Ways To Style A Unique Colored Skirt

You know you’ve seen that cute (blue, purple, red, and etc.) skirt, and turned away from it because you think that you have nothing to wear with it. Thinking it will just sit in your closet, and your money will be gone down the drain. What are you doing?!?!? If you want your closet to be rainbow themed there are many ways to accomplish it. So my friend, i’m here to help you solve some of you style problems. You go get that skirt and rock it! 😉

Here’s the skirt I bought on a whim from Target. To be honest, I didn’t even think about what I would wear it with. It was purple and that’s all that mattered at the time.

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An hour after I came home, I thought I made a huge mistake. As i’d thought, it sat in my closet for over a week. But then… I opened my drawer and saw it sitting there, taunting me. So I took it out and searched my closet until I found something that actually created an outfit. After realizing that I could actually pair it with multiple items I already had in my closet, I decided to create this post.

Neutral Colored Sweater


Gray, white, black, and maybe even a cream sweater would pair nicely with a colorful skirt. This kind of outfit is perfect for the fall where it is cold in the morning and slightly warmer in the afternoon. Throw in a necklace for a extra personal touch.

Sweater- Aeropostale

Skirt- Target

Necklace- Brandy Melville

sweaters,women sweaters


White Off-the-Shoulder Top

off the shoulder +skirt

This a way to up ⇑⇑ the formality of an outfit. A white top goes perfectly with whatever colored bottom you want to wear. You know you love it! ♥

Top- Unknown

Skirt- Target


Knotted White T-Shirt


A simple white top can finish the creation of a whole outfit. With the pop of color from your skirt, you’ll be rocking an awesome look. For an extra touch tie/knot your shirt. Aren’t simple outfits always the best? 🙂

Top- Target

Skirt- Target

Hope these style tips help you broaden your closet and fill it with color. Until next time…



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